Yardley WYardley Wang grew up in New Jersey, USA. He has a genius IQ and has the ability to take something really complicated and express it in a simple way for everyone to understand. In the past, he was an introverted computer programmer consultant geek for many years, until he was introduced to entrepreneurship, where he changed his occupation from working for Someone Else’s success to owning his own business. The excitement of owning his own business and being able to help others allowed him to get out of his comfort zone and become extroverted.

Since then, he has helped over a hundred thousand entrepreneurs develop leadership skills and teach them how to communicate even more effectively with others. Communications runs on different levels, including working with different generations of individuals, from baby boomers, generation x and the new millennials and how to communicate with one another. Another level is on men and women and the differences between both sexes, masculine and feminine energy and afterwards, teach them how to communicate with each other through personal and business relationships. He prides himself on creating a laugh and learn environment for his audience.

Becoming debt-free from his businesses, he has taken up several hobbies and passions. As it turns out, anything he gets excited about, he excels at. He has become a professional photographer and videographer in the recent years and really enjoys the audio/visual world and all of the toys that come with it.

He is married to his lovely wife, Lisa Lieberman-Wang, CEO and Founder to FINE To FAB, and the NAP Coaching Academy, and she is also a best selling author for the Book FINE to FAB. The couple have a wonderful son, and two grandchildren to carry on their legacy. They are serial entrepreneurs and have several businesses that are all successful. He is presently serving on the board that his wife found for the FINE to FAB Foundation, helping young adults become better adults.

Following his wife’s success as an author, he has a lot of knowledge about a lot of things through his worldly travels, about things that people don’t know. He decided to write his own book and become an author to share his collection of things that he believes people don’t know and might be able to help them for the future and make things easier for them, because they don’t know.

This led to this website, because there were so many things he does and does well, that he wanted to share it with those who might be interested in connecting with him. In addition, his passion and excitement is contagious, and the book was a static point of time, so this website was developed to capture him on video so you can feel his passion. In addition, we welcome your own contributions to the website, because he is sure that he still doesn’t know a lot of things and it would be great for our viewers to contribute their thoughts and possibly be part of his next book as a continuation for things that you don’t know.

He is a serving presently as a senior leader for Tony Robbins and is giving back to the community by helping them with any challenges they might have in the personal life.